Monday, October 06, 2014

Mino Competition 2014

Dorothy's Work in the Art Section

ドロシー・ ファイブルマン 


Dorothy's work in the Design Section

These pieces are made from commercial Japanese porcelain and are produced using Dorothy's "Magic Tool System" imaging process. Her tool parts are in the process of being patented. She invented this process not only to make the tools easier to use but developed the whole system to enable students who only think in 2D ( and those who only use 2D imaging processes) to understand 3D thinking.  

All of Dorothy's production pieces that use this process and are made with commercial Japanese porcelain (not Dorothy's original translucent porcelains) and are stamped with this  hank inside the foot ring.

Below are:

Eight tea bowls using Dorothy's new machine imaging 

process and commercial Japanese Porcelain

stamp inside foot ring 

This group of bowls (below) are made with Dorothy's original translucent and opaque
porcelains using textures and translucency